IN MEMORIAM Gjorgji Pop Gjorgjiev 1984-2020

Resepcted readers,

We are very sad to announce that on October 23, 2020, in the early morning hours, our web administrator Gjorgji Pop Gjorgjiev died at the Clinic for Infectious Diseases in Skopje, after a short illness. He was born in Berovo, Macedonia in 1984. He was the web support specialist of the Journal of Special Education and Rehabilitation in the period 2014-2017. He has been a web support specialist to the Journal for ReAttach Therapy and Developmental Diversity since its inception in April 2018. During all this time he invested very enthusiastically and selflessly in the growth of the journal. We spent many hours together working on this journal. His family and our journal lost a lot with his untimely death.
Rest in peace my dear colleague and friend!

JRTDD Editor-in-chief