JRTDD has been indexed in 20 new databases

Dear readers,

It is my great pleasure to inform you that JRTDD journal has been indexed in 20 new databases all over the world. Mainly it has been indexed in university libraries from Germany, Poland, Denmark, Japan, China, etc. Our journal can be read from lot of countries. Please see all newest indexation in alphabetical order:

  1. Baidu
  2. DTU Findit – Technical Information Center of Denmark, DTU Library
  3. GIGA German of Global and Area Studies, Hamburg
  4. HEBIS, Union Catalog Hesse
  5. Library of Congress
  6. LibrarySearch
  7. Kanazawa University Library
  8. KOBV Berlin – Brandenburg
  9. Kyushu University Library
  10. Max Planck Institute
  11. Polish Scientific Bibliography
  12. Scilit
  13. Simon Fraser University’s electronic journal database
  14. Universitats Bibliothek Ilmenau
  15. Universitat Bibliothek Leipzig 
  16. University Library Goethe University
  17. Warsaw University of Technology Digital Library
  18. Wilday Technical University of Applied Sciences
  19. WZB Berlin Social Science Center
  20. ZDB OPAC Zeitschriftendatenbank


JRTDD Editor-in-chief