JRTDD Publisher – ReAttach Therapy Foundation

Dear readers,

We want to share with you data about JRTDD publisher. It is ReAttach Therapy Foundation from The Netherlands. You can click on the link above to access to their web site. In this occasion editorial office wants to thank them for the money, time and lot of energy they invest in this project.

JRTDD Editor-in-chief


Objectives of the editorial board

Aside from providing prestige, the role of the editorial board is to advise and support the editor. Functions may include:

  • Identifying new topics for commissions, special editions and advising on direction for the journal—giving feedback on past issues and making suggestions for both subject matter and potential authors
  • Provide content by writing occasional editorials and other short articles
  • Approaching potential contributors
  • Peer review; also help to identify peer reviewers and provide second opinions on papers (i.e. where there is a conflict between reviewers)
  • Identify appropriate conferences for editors to attend
  • Endorse the journal to authors, readers and subscribers and encourage colleagues to submit their best work.